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Shetland Hogget

Shetland sheep produce very high quality lean meat with outstanding flavour and fine texture. Shetland hogget is overwintered lamb between about 12 and 18 months old. It is the real connoisseur’s choice of sheep meats; rich in flavour and with a firm texture.

This is a meat that reflects it’s upbringing. There’s not much of it around – too much trouble to keep, but we reckon it’s well worth it. At Green Tree Farm, the emphasis is on quality and taste! We sell hogget either as a whole or a half.

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Shetland Beef

If you buy your meat from the supermarket shelves it is probable that you have never experienced the wonderful texture and taste available from our traditional breeds of cattle. The various traditional breeds will, naturally, claim that their beef is best and, as it is largely a subjective matter, it is not for us to try to make comparisons. What we can do is to make the case for Shetland beef: naturally, we believe it cannot be bettered.

The meat is rich in omega 3 un-saturated fats and it will remain tender during cooking due to its fine marbling. The taste will be better than you have ever experienced.

Our Shetland beef comes from pure-bred Shetland steers, grass-reared to 29 months to fully develop the flavour of the meat. Our butcher will hang the carcass for 21 days before cutting to produce mixed beef packs. We will be offering  packs around 10kg each.

Our animals are slowly reared in the traditional manner. With the exception of a few ‘cattle rolls’ and carrots (hand-fed as treats and bribes rather than supplements as such), they are fed entirely on grass and  hay.

Please contact us regarding availability or to place an order.