Point of Lay Hens for Sale

Looking for point of lay hens for sale in Yorkshire? We are an approved agent for Meadowsweet Poultry and have six lovely varieties of hybrid point of lay hens (Gold Star, White Star, Black Star, Speckled Star, Sussex Star & Bluebelle) available from March to October. Birds are supplied at point of lay (POL), aged 16 weeks minimum, and are fully vaccinated.

Our hybrid hens are productive layers with distinctive plumage in a range of colours that bridge the gap between the productive yet bland hisex hens and the attractive but less productive rare breed hens (which are frequently not vaccinated). Our poultry are lovingly cared for on our family smallholding in York, North Yorkshire.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or if you would like to arrange a visit to see the birds.

point of lay hens for sale

What are point of lay hens?

‘Point of Lay’ (POL) is a poultry term used to describe a young hen (a pullet) who will soon begin to lay eggs. Typically they will be between 16–24 weeks old. It refers to a hen that has yet to lay an egg so it is described as being on the point of lay.

Fully vaccinated

Our point of lay hens for sale are professionally reared to freedom foods standards and are fully vaccinated and wormed.

Freshness & quality that beats shop bought eggs by a long way

Nothing is better than collecting free range eggs freshly laid by your own hens, from your own poultry housing, in your own back garden, then serving those eggs up to your family minutes later.

If you keep your own hens you know what they eat, so no more worrying about additives in commercial chicken feed; your eggs will be naturally healthy and delicious.

Please contact us regarding stock for sale and pricing.