Hybrid Hens

Nothing is better than collecting free range eggs freshly laid by your own hens from your own poultry housing in your own back garden, then serving the eggs up to your family minutes later.

If you keep your own hens you know what they eat, so no more worrying about additives in commercial chicken feed; your eggs will be naturally healthy and delicious.

We aim to bridge the gap between the productive yet bland hisex pullets and the attractive but less productive rare breed pullets, which are frequently not vaccinated.

Point of lay hens

We specialise in new productive breeds with more distinctive plumage providing a bird suitable for the small holder and domestic market. We have 8 varieties of point of lay pullets available for immediate sale throughout the year. Our superior quality hybrid hens are professionally reared to freedom foods standards and are fully vaccinated and wormed.

Please contact us regarding stock for sale and pricing.